Moving to another interstate can sometimes require you to cash out a huge amount of money. However, you don’t need to spend a lot especially when there is removals Sydney expert Payless Removals and Storage. We are proud to offer you with quality services without the hefty price tag.

Who is Payless Removals and Storage?
Payless Removals and Storage is a trusted home and office removalist in Sydney. We provide excellent removals Sydney services that are truly the best value for your money. Although the rate of our services are more affordable compared to others, we guarantee you don’t we don’t compromise the quality of our removal.

Hassle free moving
Moving to a new home or office can be stressful. Just imagine packing all your things and transporting them on your own – you will surely feel overwhelmed! So instead of going through one checklist to another, we can help remove the burden from your shoulders. Our skilled removalists can pack and move your valuables, allowing you to have more time to focus on other things.

As a trusted removals Sydney expert, we strive to satisfy our customers’ needs and requirements. We provide efficient insurance policies that can safeguard and protect your valuables from our negligence. Our removal insurance includes Transit Insurance, Workers Compensation, vehicle insurance and Property and Public liability.

Dedicated customer service
Our office hours are from 9AM to 9PM, Monday to Friday. We are also available during Saturdays at 10AM to 8PM. Unplanned move? We will gladly assist you even when it is beyond our office hours. Dial 1300 920 570 for faster booking and immediate removal services.

Large service area
Payless Removals and Storage is not limited to one location. We offer relocation services for greater Sydney area. We also do interstate and intrastate move as well.

Competitive rates
Our removal services are very affordable. In fact, we don’t charge our customers in Sydney with outrageous call out fees. You will only pay when we arrive at your property and leaving your new location.

Furniture removal
Heavy and large furniture like bed frames and cabinets can be difficult to move from Point A to Point B. At Payless Removals and Storage, you don’t have to worry again. Our removalists are dedicated to give you excellent assistance even when moving large valuables to the truck and unloading them to your new address. This prevents you from sustaining injury from lifting heavy valuables.

Fleet of trucks
Don’t waste your time hiring a pick-up and sacrifice the condition of your valuables for the sake of saving a few dollars. Our removal trucks are clean, spacious and can protect your belongings from direct sun exposure and rain. In fact, we can offer you with a larger truck at the same base price.

For more information about our affordable yet efficient removals Sydney services, you can reach us on 1300 920 570. We guarantee booking with us is a true value of your hard-earned money. What are you waiting for? Call now.