Payless Removals and Storage’s Removal Services

Did you know that Payless Removalists have been servicing over 5 years Australian satisfied customers! Payless Removalists is the most preferred company when it comes to moving homes or offices and the market place.At Payless Removalists we provide a full removalists service to cater for all of your removal company expectations. We are happy to provide you with our removal services. Learn more about our quality services by clicking the links below:

What are the advantages of hiring a moving company?

• Moving Home or Office – Payless Removals and Storage specialize in loading and unloading your belongings to our own furniture removal vehicle. We guarantee that we will arrive at your home or office on time.

• Interstate relocation – To give you the best removal quote for interstate relocation, we will personally visit you! Our estimator will then give you the most accurate quote for all your valuables. This includes household items, electronic devices and even music instrument like piano.

• Furniture Protection – Our furniture removalists team will ensure that your furniture will arrive in your new home without sustaining any damage. We use protective coverings like dry felt padding to protect your valuables. Once your belongings are covered, we will then carefully load them to our removal truck. Our service vehicles feature fitted protectors for the best protection.

• Dismantling / Assembly – Payless Removals and Storage is proud to have and use removalists tool for assembling and disassembling your furniture. We also have the right equipment to disconnect and remove washing machine.

• Pre Packing & Unpacking – Payless Removals and Storage is committed to help you in your relocation. So, if you are tired of packing even at the last minute, we will do it for you. We use quality materials to pack and wrap your valuables.

• Secure Storage – Do you need a temporary storage for your valuables? Payless Removals and Storage also offers storage. Our units are great storage for any item because they are stored in a clean and secure warehouse.

• Removalist Vehicles – Payless Removals and Storage provides the right size of truck for your move. We have small, medium and large vehicle options which are all fully equipped with necessary removal tools like trolleys and friction webbing.

• Peace of mind – Our removal team will keep your mind at peace. From the day you contact us to the actual relocation, we ensure that a hassle free relocation is provided to your family. We have a site manager so the removal procedure is well-supervised.

• Removalist Insurance – Payless Removals and Storage have insurance policies like public liability and worker’s compensation. Make sure to get in touch with customer representative to find the best insurance policy for you.

• Packaging Materials – We also quality packaging materials like such as boxes and bubble wrap to safely transport your household items.

•Rubbish Removal – If you need some cleaning to do, we have rubbish removal as well.